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The decision to enhance your appearance is a very personal one. There are many considerations and facts you should know to ensure you’re completely happy with your end result – and finding the right surgeon to deliver your expectations within your budget is paramount.

What we do for you

The plastic surgery industry has become complex and confusing- hence, it’s difficult for individuals to find objective intelligence regarding treatment approaches, products, statistics and clinical information.

Clarify Clinic is independent and provides unbiased advice to our clients. We’re not tied to any surgeon or medical practice. We have a unique process which guides you to the very best Plastic Surgeons and Specialists whom we have identified, accessed, profiled and who have proven to consistently deliver excellent results with the highest patient satisfaction. The Surgeons meeting these stringent requirements are invited onto our surgical panel. Only they can provide services to our clients.

A consultation with Kate will ensure:

  • you get independent advice
  • you’re getting the right procedure for you
  • you know everything about what’s really involved
  • you’re confident you’re making the right choice
  • you know who the best plastic surgeons are for your procedure
  • you’re fully supported, from Day 1 until the day you’re fully healed
  • you receive a unique, female perspective

Choosing your surgeon is not like choosing a tradesman

If a tradie does a poor job you don’t use him next time – but if a surgeon does a poor job you get to live with the effects permanently. Clearly choosing a surgeon has potentially serious consequences.

All surgeons in Australia are qualified – however all surgeons are not equal. Unlike a tradesman, it’s not a matter of flicking through the Yellow Pages and finding a surgeon closest to where you live, or one who plays golf with your GP.

Research tells us that a significant number of patients are unhappy with the result from their surgery. Clarify Clinic is here to help make sure you are not one of the ‘one in five’ who end up with disappointing results.

We match our clients’ desires to a surgeon’s strengths

One of the most common errors people make is to use a plastic surgeon who doesn’t normally specialise in their required type of surgery. It’s common sense to understand that if your friend received a beautiful breast enhancement from Dr X, that doesn’t mean Dr X is equally good at reducing the size of your nose.

Likewise, just because your friend received a great face-lift doesn’t mean that the same surgeon can perform the same miracles on you. We each have unique bodies which have different requirements. The individual permutations of plastic surgery are endless.

A great plastic surgeon requires a refined blend of artistry and scientific technique

We meet to discuss what you are looking to achieve, what your expectations and options are, answer all your questions, and share the very latest knowledge. And if you decide to proceed with surgery, then you can rest assured that from the first moment we meet, until you’re healed and recovered from surgery, we’re with you every step of the way.

Clarify Clinic have a panel of the best specialists available. We help you achieve the result you want by matching you to the right specialist for your unique requirements.

What will it cost?

There’s a vast gulf in pricing for procedures from various surgeons. At our first consultation we can give you an idea of costs once we understand your goals.

For example, with a breast implant the surgeon now has many options to achieve a better result for you by using special sculptured implants – but these are of course more expensive than traditional implants.

We will also help to ensure that you’re seeing one of the best plastic surgeons in your price range. Everyone’s needs are different.

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Excellent outcomes in cosmetic surgery are achieved through care and attention to detail