What’s stopping you from losing weight?

Are you consistently eating healthy and exercising, but still wearing the same jean size? There are numerous factors that play into weight loss, or lack thereof. If you are having difficulty losing weight, here are some of the questions you may want to consider: Is your diet well-balanced and healthy? The problem with crash diets, […]

Is CO2 the new Botox?

Everyday there’ll be more and more medical advances to ensure we keep healthier and look younger. This is the latest I just read about: Soon we may be visiting the clinic for injections of CO2 rather than Botox It’s being hailed as the new Botox — but as well as smoothing out wrinkles, it’s claimed […]

The Perfect Legs

Have you ever seen a woman in a miniskirt or a man in shorts and thought, “Wow, those are the perfect legs!” Well, a plastic surgeon who spent months studying pictures of attractive legs thinks he may be able to explain what makes the perfect pair, according to The Daily Mail in the UK. The […]

The Risks Of Plastic Surgery Tourism

Melbourne account manager “Tyra” could hardly stop smiling as she packed the sunscreen and thongs for her dream holiday in Thailand. It wasn’t the shopping or sightseeing she was most looking forward to, but a daytrip to a Bangkok hospital where she’d get a flat new tummy, slimmer thighs and fuller breasts. In Australia, the […]

A Different View on Rhinoplasty

Beauty is only skin deep, as they say. I’m sure though that most of us would admit that if we had a magic wand, we wouldn’t mind giving it a quick whirl and tweaking our noses, just a little bit off here, a little bit off there please. But some significant benefits of rhinoplasty often […]

Mummy Makeover After Pregnancy

Considering a Mummy Makeover in Sydney? You can’t beat being a mother. The surprise of feeling the first time your baby kicks; the joy, and relief, the first time you see that little person you created emerge confused and wailing; the connection you form the first time you breastfeed. What’s not to love about the […]