Plastic Surgery Obsessions

The Obsession With Plastic Surgery & Anti-Ageing Most of us can agree, that modern society has been obsessed with beauty, youth, and the challenges to reverse the signs of ageing. The plastic surgery obsession with for retaining a youthfulness has resulted in an upsurge of cosmetic procedures and treatments. Generally, most cosmetic procedures have positive outcomes […]

The Right Time For A Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck & Exercise–Your Questions Answered The best time, and most popular time of year to have a tummy tuck is now, over the winter months. Everyone wants to be ready to hit the beach in summer and showoff their new body. Due to it’s current popularity, here are some answers to common questions. Tummy Tuck: […]

Mummy Makeover Answers

Winter Blues & Mummy Makeovers Did the rise of the mummy makeovers come about because of multimedia and societal pressures–or is it, that just some of us simply want our pre-baby bods back? Many women after pregnancy commonly find that, even with dieting and vigorous exercising, they just simply cannot return to their pre-pregnancy shape. Some experience […]

Breast Reconstruction Options

Knowing Your Breast Options The choice to have breast reconstruction following a mastectomy or lumpectomy for breast cancer is yours alone to make. When it comes to breast reconstruction, the choice that appears right for one woman isn’t necessarily right for another. The long-term prospects of living without a breast, or part of a breast, […]

The 4 Vital S’s of Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation In A Nutshell When you are preparing for a breast enlargement, there are a variety of features that have a direct impact on your surgical goal–that is, a wish for  ‘a fuller breast with a natural appearance and pleasing shape’. Although your wishes are important, there are a few factors that must be […]

The Clarify Clinic Logo Explained

From Logo To The Best Plastic Surgeons in Sydney An unusual question we get is about our logo. We get complimented on our logo (as if a client is ever going to say, “I don’t like your logo.”!) and then we’re questioned about it. So here it is…and somehow, just somehow, I’m going to tie this back in […]

Liposuction and Compression Garments

Shape Your New ‘Bod’ into Shape Compression garments for liposculpturing are not the same as the compression garments that you wear at the gym. Although they do support your body, they serve a more important function. Take it from one of our highly skilled plastic surgeons who has done a gazillion liposuction procedures–a good ‘Post-liposuction Compression Garment’ […]

How To Easily Stop Facial Ageing

Stop Facial Ageing. Now! You can facilitate it and extend your life span, or you can sabotage it and accelerate ageing. What ‘swings the pendulum’ one way or the other are the lifestyle choices that you make every day. Let me repeat that: the lifestyle choices that you make each day. Ageing factors, as well […]

Cheap Liposuction

The Buy One, Get One Free Headache I’d guess that of approx 10% of the enquiries we get, the first question is, “How much does xxxx cost?” It’s like me asking how much does a shirt cost? Too many variables: It depends on the shirt, the materials used, who made it, the quality of the workmanship, etc. Not […]

Cellulite, Cellulaze & Heaven

Behold! A Miracle! …And on the seventh day, man–finally!–decided to rid the world of cellulite. The world rejoiced! Cottage cheese skin. Hail damage. Orange peel syndrome. The mattress phenomenon. Call it what you want. It’s gone! The Boy Who Cried Porridge Legs How many times have we heard about false cures? Miracle creams and the like? So […]