How To Make Your Neck Look Younger

The Ageing Neck: Gobble, Gobble, Turkey Waddle In a society in which youthfulness is celebrated, it is difficult for some of us to accept the first signs of ageing. So in the quest to turning back the clock, we have become vigilant about our faces and our bodies. But—and there is always a but—no one […]

Liposuction Secrets

The Shape Shifter–Fabulous Liposuction & LipoSculpture Be honest, do you suck in your stomach at times? Do you have pesky pockets of fat that just won’t budge? But breasts are also ‘pockets of fat’–we won’t be getting rid of those. But it’s the annoying pockets around our  midriff, bottom, thighs and lower back we want […]

What Makes A Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Excellent?

The Best Plastic Surgeons The most crucial decision to be made in achieving the best plastic surgical result is picking the most experienced and skilled; that is, the best plastic surgeon possible for you. Frequently however, patients will choose a surgeon based on the brand name of the technique, a few before and after photos, […]

Medical Tourism: The Ugly Truths

Cosmetic Surgery Is No Holiday Consider this, sand, surf and a sun-soaked holiday is a poor environment for wound healing and preventing infection. Cosmetic surgery in destinations that are often promoted as a cheaper surgery option, packaged with a beach holiday, downplay the risks that all surgery carries. But we are continuously told that cost is the […]

Cheap Breast Surgery in Sydney

Bargain Prices for Boob Jobs You may have read  an article over the last week on talking about getting cheap breast surgery in Sydney, where a local practice or two are trying to compete with Thai prices. A breast augmentation (boob job) isn’t a quick visit to the dentist for a 45-minute clean. But […]

Who Pays For Breast Revision?

Does The Cosmetic Surgeon Pay For Their Mistake? I have had so many emails requesting advice about breast revision work and the further costs involved, that I thought it was best to address the below concern in the blog so everyone would have access to it–albeit a more generic, generalised version. Unfortunately, a significant part of […]

Rejuvenate Your Hands To Hide Your True Age

Are Your Hands Giving You Away? Do you spend many hours at the gym, not to mention a small fortune on rejuvenating anti-ageing treatments on your face and body? Good for you, you probably don’t look your age. But If you’re not taking care of your hands, you’re spilling the beans on just how many […]

Best Facial Treatments For Each Stage Of Your Life

Facial Treatments Against The Ticking Clock It’s important to understand the ageing process of the face, so we can effectively treat it at every stage of your life. The ‘ONSET, DEGREE, and SEQUENCE’ of ageing will vary upon a multiplicity of factors. These include ethnicity and genetic background, environmental conditions, behaviour, and overall quality of life […]

Best Facelift In Sydney

Getting A Facelift Ageing of the face is inevitable. Heredity factors, personal habits, gravity, and sun exposure contribute to the ageing of the face. As such, the ‘facelift’ remains popular for many good reasons. If done well, the results can be powerful and last far longer–that is, years versus months–than those achieved with minimally invasive […]

Breast Reduction with Implants

How Can You Have A Breast Reduction and Implants? Although it sounds counterintuitive, many plastic surgeons claim that breast implants achieve a superior pole fullness that cannot be achieved and/or maintained after only breast reduction or breast lifting surgery. While breast lifting or reduction may be necessary to manage the lower poles of the breasts–so as to […]