Breast Augmentation: Top 5 Important Points

5 Important Things You Need To Know Getting breast implants is a commitment that should not be taken lightly. You don’t just drive through McBoobies, order a Boobie Meal, and drive out with boobs five minutes later. Like most of us, you save your money, do your research and then make the decisions to have surgery. Hopefully, […]

8 Quick Steps To Look Dramatically Younger

The Anti-Ageing Cornerstones The clock is ticking against you. And the news is grim: You’re waging a losing battle. No matter how many Botox injections you accept, no matter how many plastic surgeries you undergo, no matter how many candlelit baths in Ambrosia you enjoy, you will age. Maybe we can’t defeat ageing, but we can turn […]

How Menopause Kills Your Youth

Why Do Women Live In A Hormone-Deprived State? Although female life expectancy has increased dramatically over the years, the age of menopause onset has remained stable at around 50 years of age. This means more and more women live in a hormone-deprived state, a relatively new phenomenon in human existence. Most clinical studies support the […]

How You Get A Breast Lift & Implants

Is It Possible To Combine The Two Into One Surgical Procedure? I’m frequently asked if it’s best to undergo a breast lift procedure first before having a breast augmentation. The answer is that highly qualified and skilled plastic surgeons are experienced at doing this as one procedure. This also exposes you to just the one operation, thus minimising both risks and expense […]

How Smoking Ages You

Smoking–Fast & Premature Ageing Beyond its known links to cancer, lung and heart disease, smoking is now thought to be associated with premature skin ageing and delayed wound healing,  as well as a number of skin disorders. How smoking ages you: It will give you premature wrinkles on your face and neck, thin skin exposing your veins and capillaries–but not […]

What Makes A Good Plastic Surgeon?

Plastic Surgery Advice I fell for his charm, I fell for his confidence and his ridiculously high ‘likes’ on twitter and Facebook–but little did I know, this was the beginning of my nightmare. How often have you read this in newspapers, beauty editorials and magazines? Me?–more often than I like. So, what makes good plastic […]

The Best Anti-Ageing Treatments

Turn Back Time: Anti-Ageing & Cosmetic Enhancement Who doesn’t want to slow down the ageing process? As people, we don’t always agree on the same things in life. But if there is one thing in this world where you’ll find you’re in the same boat along with the rest of the world, it’s anti-ageing. We […]

The Best Neck Lift In Sydney

The Dreaded Turkey Neck–Your Best Option Even in the absence of other signs of facial ageing, a poorly-defined or sagging neck can add years to your overall facial appearance. Most of us agree that there is nothing that betrays someone’s age more quickly than a crêpey, sagging neck–especially if there is a blatant difference in […]

Best Plastic Surgeon For A Body Lift In Sydney

Getting The Best Plastic Surgeon In Sydney Some procedures are more straightforward than others. The more complicated and specialised a plastic surgery procedure, the more you should rely on the services of a plastic surgeon at the top of their field. Our highly skilled Plastic Surgeons can contour your body to get the best result […]

Best Breast Lift For Sagging Breasts

Giving New Life To Old Breasts Breast lift surgery, technically known as Mastopexy, corrects sagging breast tissue back to its original position. A breast lift may be performed by itself or in conjunction with breast augmentation and the insertion of breast implants. Do You Have Breast Sag? There are several types of breast sag, but […]