Non-Invasive Surgery Versus Invasive Surgery

To Have, Or Not To Have, Plastic Surgery Not everyone wants to go under the knife. As consumers become more knowledgeable and experienced, they will be less reluctant to commit to any procedure (i.e., surgical or non-surgical) that they’re not 100% sure about. Non-surgical rejuvenation procedures for example, are often temporary, lasting several months to […]

Cellulaze In Australia

Combatting Cellulite This is Part 2 of the article following on from How To Really Get Rid Of Cellulite, which you should read first. Let’s get straight into it: Cellulaze is a revolutionary new laser treatment that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and is scientifically proven to treat cellulite. [1] […]

How To Really Get Rid Of Cellulite

New Cellulite Scientific Research Some interesting and, most importantly, scientifically proven developments have occurred in cellulite research recently, revealing a full-blown, genuine light at the end of the “orange peel” tunnel–or as my friend calls cellulite, hail damage. Can you really reduce cellulite? The answer is, Yes. There is one proven way which works. But […]

Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong

Cosmetic Surgery Horror Stories We’ve all heard them. Those are the stories which get all the mainstream publicity–and in many cases they absolutely deserve that publicity and everything they get coming there way. Except many cosmetic surgeons get away with it. Or at least try to. The problem we have is that cosmetic surgery is […]

Cheating Charles Darwin

Cosmetic Enhancement–A “Liability Time Bomb”? We are told by Genealogists that evolution continually strives to select the best genes to evolve the species. In our–some would say “superficial society”–appearance, or beauty, is often a key determinate for selecting a mate. You hardly spot someone’s personality from across a room. It all starts with looks. Attraction. […]

Liposuction: Quick Fixes & Dangerous Outcomes

Liposuction Risks Liposuction is no substitute for weight loss. As much as we may wish otherwise, liposuction is a body contouring procedure and not a substitute for conventional means of weight loss–such as diet modification and exercise. Unfortunately, most people drop their diet and workout programs like a hot potato and start thinking “LIPO!” the […]

Reasons You Won’t Have Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery & Fearful Outcomes You’ve done your research. You’ve had your concerns addressed by the plastic surgeon of your choice. You want to undergo your elected procedure. You’re ready to go. So what’s stopping you from taking that final step? Fear Of The Unknown As we refer to it: The fear of the outcome. […]

Best Breast Augmentation–Silicon Implants and Teardrop Implants

Getting The Best Breast Augmentation The advantage of silicone gel implants is primarily aesthetic: they look and feel so soft and natural that they typically cannot be distinguished from breasts without implants, provided they do not develop a capsular contracture. The currently available large selection of implant shapes and sizes, as well as the specific […]

Stress Ages Your Skin

Stop Stressing! It’s Ageing You Stress will show on your skin; it will show on your body. We are continuously told that worrying accomplishes nothing, a waste of time that robs you of your energy and youthfulness. And worrying about the condition of your skin could actually make things worse. Stress Rears Its Ugly Head […]

Worrying About Worrying?

If So, Stop! If this is you, you might need help. JFK famously said, The only thing you have to fear, is fear itself. In much the same way, the worst thing you can worry about is worrying itself. A little anxiety is a useful thing in everyday life–if it wasn’t for the motivation of […]