Body Contouring


A type of non-surgical liposuction, an alternative method to treat small localised areas of fat. The main ingredient in Lipodissolve is phosphatidylcholine which is derived from soybeans and is a natural product found in our body. That is, Lipodissolve treatment gets rid of fatty deposits without scalpels!

How does the Lipodissolve treatment work?

A mixture of enzymes including phosphatidylcholine is injected into the fat using a fine needle. The dissolved fat is removed from the body by the urine. It uses the body’s own natural methods of excreting fat to permanently reduce fat deposits. It is effective for gynaecomastia (man boobs), lipomas (lumpy collections of fat) and stubborn areas that will not budge with diet and exercise.

How many treatments will I need?

One to four treatments, two months apart are required to achieve the desired results. The results can take up to two months and may vary from patient to patient.

Is there an alternative to Lipodissolve?

Liquid Liposuction is an alternative to the results are more predictable and greater amount of fat removal is possible in one session compared to lipodissolve. The side effects may include swelling, redness, bruising, pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea, generally for 2 days but up to one week.

What is CoolSculpting or “Fat Freezing”?

CoolSculpting is a new, gentle and effective body sculpting procedure that freezes away fat without surgery, pain or downtime.

How does the CoolSculpting work?

By targeting problematic areas of excess fat that cannot be removed with diet and exercise. It is the first non invasive fat reduction technology that offers real and long lasting results.

CoolSculpting uses a precisely-controlled cooling method to target fat cells in localised bulges. This causes a permanant reduction in fat cells by freezing fat without surgery or pain. We believe it is the most effective form of non-invasive fat reduction and is very safe with no downtime.

Harvard University researchers have shown that fat cells are more succeptible to cold, and when exposed to such low temperatures, fat cells are permanatly destroyed. The cells are then removed from your body via its natural eliminating processes.

The advantages of CoolScupting are that:

  • It is totally non-invasive – non-surgical – CoolSculpting involves no surgery or needles
  • It is painless – bring a book to read
  • It is very effective – CoolScupting is the only non-invasive treatment that offers real and permanent results
  • It is very safe and there is no downtime


The specific risks and suitability of this procedure for a given individual can only be fully determined at the time of consultation with your cosmetic surgeon. Minor complications which do not affect the overall cosmetic results occur occasionally. Major complications are rare.