Breast Augmentation & Exercise

Breast augmentation and exercise

Taking “The Girls” For A Run!

After investing a small fortune on your boobs, most of you are wondering about resuming your exercise routine. So let’s cover some important points, especially if you have had implants placed under your pecs.

One of the most important aspects of a patient’s full recovery is resuming their work-out routines in a safe and timely manner so as not to jeopardise your end results.

A good general rule is to start slowly (walking) after a week and work up to more aerobic activity as you feel comfortable—but, always follow the individual advice of your plastic surgeon.

However some surgeons will suggest, that you wait around 4 weeks before resuming any kind of physical activity. Or at least 2 weeks before tackling any kind of activity that can increase your blood pressure (this includes sex as well).

In the first 2 weeks: don’t exceed thirty minutes of any kind of exercise,  as it will exhaust your body and possibly hinder your healing or make your body more vulnerable to injury or infection.

The vast majority of initial capsule formation occurs between the 10-21 day period—this is simply your body’s way of protecting you against a foreign object (i.e., the implant) that it doesn’t recognise, so minimising physical activity allows the capsule to form in such a way that it is undetectable.

Thus, most plastic surgeons will instruct all sub-muscular breast augmentation patients to avoid any activity that causes a ‘jack hammer effect’. Most suggest that you restrict activities, such as high impact aerobics and jogging for the first 4 – 6 weeks.

But as the swelling subsides, you may increase physical activity, such as low impact exercises, but avoiding upper extremity resistance training for the moment.


  • It is the over and over impact of the implant against the forming capsule and breast tissue that can cause implant malposition.
  • Wound areas need to close and heal so they don’t get infected. Sweating and friction for example, from running too soon can inflame and break down the surgical incisions—thus, causing infection and poor scar formation.

Breast Augmentation Exercise General Guidelines

Within the first 4 weeks:

  • Typically, lifting nothing heavier than  3-4kg (10lbs) and definitely no heavy pulling, or pushing of objects such as car doors, or carrying your favourite heavy Valentino tote.
  • No weight lifting exercises that involve the chest and back (and to some degree the arms), push-ups, pull-ups, dips, certain yoga poses and Pilates moves that rely on balancing your body weight with the arms.
  • Definitely leave out swinging a golf club or tennis racquet, and any exercise equipment such as an ‘elliptical trainer’, for a few months.

These activities place a significant stress on your pecs and should be avoided early on after surgery. As long as there is no bouncing type of motion like running or jumping, light cardio–i.e., walking and stationary cycling is fine.

It is important to note, that everyone heals differently after a breast augmentation, and your surgeon will give you a summary tailored to your specific requirements, so it’s important to follow the guidance of our highly skilled plastic surgeons.

If you want or feel the need to have cosmetic work on your body, do it, but do intelligently.

Getting The Best & Safest Plastic Surgery Results In Sydney

It’s a sad fact that many people come to see us after things have gone wrong having surgery elsewhere. This is always due to a lack of proper research, and making the wrong decisions. Do not be lazy in your research. And if you can’t find information on surgeons and surgery that you can trust, then ask!

I’m always happy to help people with revision surgery, but I much prefer to make a difference where people will not allow themselves (yes, allow!) to take unnecessary risks with their health and their body by opting for poor decisions with the wrong cosmetic surgeons.

I always make myself available to help everyone the best I can. At the very least I’ll put you on the right track to successful surgery, no matter where you live. So if in doubt, you know where you can find me.

What I prefer to do is design a comprehensive program in advance of your plastic surgery, where everything is laid out step by step–starting with getting you fit and ready for surgery–to ensure you get the beautiful plastic surgery result you desire.

By Kate Moreland


By Kate Moreland