Breast Reduction with Implants

Breast Reduction With Implants

How Can You Have A Breast Reduction and Implants?

Although it sounds counterintuitive, many plastic surgeons claim that breast implants achieve a superior pole fullness that cannot be achieved and/or maintained after only breast reduction or breast lifting surgery.

While breast lifting or reduction may be necessary to manage the lower poles of the breasts–so as to not significantly increase breast size (i.e., with a breast lift) or decrease it as in a reduction–it does not effectively address the superior pole. Even if  you are looking to have smaller breasts or just lifted breasts, an implant may give an aesthetically better result. This is not only attractive, but longer lasting.

Many argue, that using an implant can guarantee that breasts will have a certain shape that is normally seen in magazines and television.

Points To Consider

  • With breast lifts and breast reductions, the goal is to make the breasts youthful looking with upper pole fullness.
  • Implants add volume, whereas a reduction makes you smaller and lifts and reshapes your breasts to make you perkier.
  • Reduction with implant may achieve a better result than a reduction alone.

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By Kate Moreland


By Kate Moreland