New Idea

Kate Moreland of Clarify Clinic in New Idea Magazine.

Article in The Plastic Diaries

 5 Things You Need To Know …. Before Undergoing Plastic Surgery Ok, straight off I have to tell you I have already lied. There is not 5 things. There are 10 things. Frankly, people make way too many mistakes before they opt for plastic surgery so there is no way I could leave it at […]

The Sydney Morning Herald

Clarify Clinic in the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper in the ANZAC Day edition, 2013.

Professional Beauty Interviews Kate Moreland

Professional Beauty Magazine has interviewed Kate Moreland for their current edition. The interview covers why Kate Moreland set up Clarify Clinic, why she is considered a leading plastic surgery consultant in Sydney and Australia, what Clarify Clinic does to help people whom are looking at undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure, the current state of the […]

Good Health Magazine Article with Kate Moreland

Good Health Magazine, May 2013 3-page article on cosmetic surgery with Kate Moreland. Lots of great information to learn in this article. Enjoy! And if you’re looking for more information on Sydney Plastic Surgery, please give me a call to find out more. By Kate Moreland      

Kate Moreland Interview With Beauty Biz

Kate Moreland interviewed by Beauty Biz: Learning How The Concept For Clarify Clinic Came About – And How Clarify Works With Clients To Choose The Right Plastic Surgeon in Sydney and Australia, and how to get the best plastic surgery in Sydney.

The Australian Women’s Weekly

Clarify Clinic mentioned in the March 2013 edition of The Australian Woman’s Weekly.

Kate Moreland talks with Postscript Magazine

What Happens After Surgery? Cosmetic surgery is now an option chosen by many women in the quest for better looks and in hanging onto them longer: and cosmetic medicine is also growing, with a 15% increase in non- and minimally-invasive procedures in the 12 months till April 2012. While procedures like rhinoplasty, dermabrasion and facelifts […]