Cheap Breast Surgery in Sydney

Cheap breast surgery Sydney

Bargain Prices for Boob Jobs

You may have read  an article over the last week on talking about getting cheap breast surgery in Sydney, where a local practice or two are trying to compete with Thai prices.

A breast augmentation (boob job) isn’t a quick visit to the dentist for a 45-minute clean. But this is what the public are being led to believe.

Here’s a quote from the director of one of these businesses: “Others are charging $10,000 for a procedure that takes 45 minutes.” (, June 2014).

With respect, while these ‘others’ may be charging more than a ‘production line Cosmetic Surgeon,’ they are definitely not compromising their reputations, expertise, or patient safety by totally trivialising cosmetic surgery. All surgery carries risks and complications. It is irresponsible to portray having a breast augmentation as being no more serious than having your teeth cleaned.

This type of media hype is targeting people who believe that if someone slips on a white coat it makes them an expert in their field. And nothing could be further from the truth. There’s a VAST difference between a Cosmetic Surgeon and a Plastic Surgeon in terms of experience, know-how and skills.

Breast Augmentation Cost

‘Keep it cheap and maximise profits.’ It’s like a mantra nowadays. Just look at the disposable clothing we buy from China. We buy it today, toss it away tomorrow.

Cost is important, but if you don’t consider all the factors that need to be addressed before surgery, it could easily end up costing you more.

Not to mention that if things go wrong, let alone seriously wrong, you may never be able to completely revise the procedure.

Those Plastic Surgeons, those who perform a large number of revision work to rectify other surgeons’ mistakes, argue that many patients are ‘dissatisfied’ with their original procedure because it was performed by someone who was not properly qualified to perform the procedure (usually lacking the prerequisite skills), or that the procedure’s outcome was not thoroughly explained to the patient.

We see people come to see us, here at Clarify, saying they didn’t get what they were told they’d get, or what they wanted (and in the worse cases, it went terribly wrong). Not only do they feel let down, they’ve been unnecessarily exposed to extra risk and extra costs.

You get what you pay for.

Words to live by.

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By Kate Moreland


By Kate Moreland