How To Fix Saggy Breasts

How to fix saggy breasts

Saggy Breasts–Implants or Breast Lift?

I can’t remember who once said, “in her 20’s, a woman’s breasts double her self-esteem, but in her 40’s they sadly halve it”.

My belief is that science has it right, that the primary biological function of breasts is to help us make men controllable.

Joking aside, for many women breasts are a very important part of their body in terms of how they feel about themselves in public, how their clothes fit, and how they feel about themselves sexually.

Following multiple pregnancies and breastfeeding, many women will lose volume–what we call “post-partum” atrophy–in their breasts, but mostly it’s the sagging that concerns them most.

While some can return to a more youthful pre-pregnancy appearance with the placement of either saline implants or silicone gel implants, others will require a lift to correct sag.

This is important: Breast Implants are not a solution to fix saggy breasts. Implants will make breasts fuller, but they will not make them perkier or eliminate sagging. In fact, large implants on saggy breasts can worsen the condition. It’s worth repeating because this misconception is rife:

Implants will make breasts fuller, but they will not make them perkier or eliminate sagging. In fact, large implants on saggy breasts can worsen the condition.

A Simple Test To See If You Need A Breast Lift

Stand straight in front of a mirror and look at your nipples in relation to the natural crease beneath your breasts.

  • If your nipples are lower than your breast crease before surgery, adding implants without removing excess skin will make them more saggy. And it will get worse with gravity, weight fluctuation and time. You will probably need a breast lift with your breast augmentation.

When breast sag is severe, it must be addressed to optimise the surgical result. A breast lift is a solution for saggy breasts because it will raise your nipples and tighten loose skin.

An important point to consider: If your surgeon advises you to have bigger implants to improve the sag, then you are with the wrong surgeon.

The Best Breast Augmentations in Sydney

Most people have little idea if the plastic, or cosmetic, surgeon they plan is see is actually particularly talented at his job. I’ve seen plenty of simple mistakes, like people undergoing rhinoplasty (nose job) because a surgeon performed an excellent breast augmentation on a friend. True story. And the results weren’t pretty.

I’ve spent years researching and evaluating Sydney’s surgeons, even attending surgery with some of them to watch them perform. If you want to know who I trust, and on which procedures I trust them on, you can contact me here. It’s what I do–ensuring people get the results they desire and deserve.

If your main focus is only on getting the cheapest price, you’re wasting your time in seeing me as my emphasis is on quality results and safety first–so if this is you, please read through my website instead; there’re over 240 articles on this website to help you and get you on the right track.

I see too many people who have made poor or lazy decisions which have cost them, physically and financially. Don’t let yourself become one of them.

By Kate Moreland


By Kate Moreland