Keeping Your Boob Job Perky

Keeping your boob job perky

Best Tips to Keep your Boob Job Perky

FACT: Breasts begin to sag the day they start to grow. It is simply the power that gravity has on them. And while some of us love large breasts, the larger they are the faster they sag.

Thanks to biology and genetics, it’s an unavoidable truth that our beautiful boobs will one day sag… 

While a breast lift can set back the clock, unfortunately time and gravity inevitably wins. So protect and take care of your new perky assets.

Preserving Your Breast Augmentation

Many factors will determine how long your Boob Job lasts:

Support: Wear a good support bra–this will help prevent the weight of the implant from over stretching the existing breast tissue. It will keep the skin and ligaments from stretching. While it is fine to wear something sexy for those special moments, at other times keep your perky assets adequately supported. Importantly, get properly measured and fitted by a lingerie expert.

80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. While incorrect bra sizing may result in mild discomfort, wearing the right bra, can keep our boobs perkier longer. 

Stable weight: Your body shape will change over time: Although hormonal changes are difficult to avoid, weight fluctuations can definitely be avoided or at least kept to a minimum. Thus, maintain a stable weight, by sticking to a well balanced diet and a good exercise routine.  While breasts have no muscle tissue and do not directly benefit from exercise, improved body posture and well develop pectoral muscles will support their perky appearance.

Bad Habits: Do not smoke, and drink alcohol in moderation, as both smoking and drinking have a negative affect on collagen and elastin fibres and hinder good oxygen supply to the surrounding tissue and nipples.

A 1998-2006 study on 132 women who smoked and had breast lifts and implants showed that smoking does appear to exacerbate breast sagging as it breaks down a protein in the skin called elastin.

Nourishment, Protection & Good skincare routine: Keep your delicate skin well moisturised and protected by wearing appropriate sunblock.

Your décolletage (i.e., from jawline to the breast) including your whole breast should be treated and follow the same daily routine as your face.

Learn to Sleep on your back. This way you do not put too much pressure on your breasts while you sleep. In any case, you also avoid facial wrinkles.

So, slap on a sports bra; get yourself fitted for support; eat well, hydrate and exercise; and keep your skin from stretching by ditching the cigarettes, sun worshipping, and the Big Macs–your boob job will thank you later!

By Kate Moreland


By Kate Moreland