Labiaplasty (Vaginal Rejuvenation)

A labiaplasty, also known as labial rejuvenation, is a surgical procedure that reduces the size and reshapes the labia minora for cosmetic and/or functional reasons.

This procedure reduces the size and shape of either the inner lips of the vagina (labia minora) so that they are smaller than the outer lips (labia majora), or the outer lips themselves. In recent years, as genital surgery has become socially acceptable among women, labiaplasty has dramatically grown in popularity.

Who is a Candidate?

  • Your inner labia protrude outside your outer labia
  • Your labia are misshapen, irregular or not symmetrical
  • Your labia have changed appearance with childbirth
  • Your vaginal canal has stretched with childbirth, or age, and feels loose
  • Some women consider surgery because of aesthetic or cosmetic reasons – their labia may be visible through swimwear or underwear, or the appearance of their vagina might make them feel embarrassed or lacking confidence during sex, particularly with a new partner
  • A medical necessity for women who experience pain as a result of having large or oddly shaped labia
  • Pain can occur during intercourse, when the labia are forced into the vagina, or simply from wearing tight-fitting clothing, which can cause the folds of the labia to rub together

Intended Results

This surgery improves the appearance of the labia and gives relief from chafing and discomfort, by removing excess skin

Procedure Description

Depending on the complexity of your surgery, the procedure usually takes 1-2 hours. The surgeon will use either a scalpel or a laser to remove the excess tissue. The scar from this surgery is minimal and usually well hidden in the natural creases of the labia.

Most labiaplasty operations are performed on an outpatient basis, which means you will probably be sent home a couple of hours after you’ve recovered from the effects of anaesthesia.

Recuperation and Healing

  • Your surgeon will have given you post-operative instructions, such as washing the area twice a day to keep it clean. A spray bottle full of water can be a helpful tool to do this
  • Most women return to work and normal activities 3-4 days after having this procedure. You should wear loose clothing during these few days. You won’t be able to engage in sexual activity, wear a tampon or do any strenuous exercise for 6-8 weeks

Further Options


This surgery is also known as vaginal tightening and works on the interior canal to reconstruct the muscle and lining. This surgical procedure is designed to rejuvenate and tighten the internal vaginal muscle. Women who undergo this procedure may have completed childbearing and are dissatisfied with the resulting lack of vaginal tone and tightness.

Not all surgeons perform labiaplasty, but some are specialists in this field. Make sure the surgeon you choose has experience with this procedure.

Approximate Costs

$4,000 – $7,000


The specific risks and suitability of this procedure for a given individual can only be fully determined at the time of consultation with your cosmetic surgeon. All surgical procedures have some degree of risk. Minor complications which do not affect the overall cosmetic results occur occasionally. Major complications are rare.