How To Make Your Neck Look Younger

The ageing neck

The Ageing Neck: Gobble, Gobble, Turkey Waddle

In a society in which youthfulness is celebrated, it is difficult for some of us to accept the first signs of ageing. So in the quest to turning back the clock, we have become vigilant about our faces and our bodies. But—and there is always a but—no one warned us about my neck.

Like every woman I know who has reached her 40s and woken up with a falling chin or a wavering jawline agrees, the neck always gives away our age.

The quest for firm skin between chin and chest is the latest anti-ageing obsession.

The older we get, the more our skin-firming collagen and elastin fibres begin to weaken–thus causing that dreaded turkey neck effect.

  • Leathery, crêpey and over pigmented skin on our neck is the result of the ageing processes and too much fun in the sun without protection. Not to mention, fluctuating weight, hormones and genetic make-up.
  • Due to this process, the skin becomes lax forming numerous horizontal wrinkles. Equally, vertical fibrous bands on the neck appear due to contraction and prominence of the shallow neck muscles.

Why so concerned, and the sudden spike in people seeking help?

Simply,“fillers and neurotoxins like Botox are largely to blame” argues, (Dr Rizk New York Plastic Surgeon, 2013).

Because women have become vigilant early and judiciously of the latest injectables, as well as having peels and laser treatments, we now have 40-somethings, whose faces are barely pushing 30–taut, lineless, and plump, but that’s where it stops!

But should your gaze wonder south, you would probably see sagging spotty skin, or a jowly jawline–this is a dead giveaway.

A harmonious and youthful appearing neckline is arguably the most vital aspect of a successful facial rejuvenation–without sound principles, the neck appears skeletal, tethered, and hollow.

While Botox, liposuction, Laser, light and radiofrequency energy sources have succeeded in treating some skin ageing; it is the surgical face-lift, that remains the gold standard for the treatment of laxity associated with the neck.

The basic neck-lift hasn’t changed in decades, but what’s new are the surgical techniques that greatly reduce scarring and recovery time.

Neck Treatments:

Lipo, lasers, lifts, and injections are just a few of the options to confront sagging wattles.

  • Liposuction – for excess neck fat in patients with good skin tone and elasticity – Minimal incisions.
  • Liposuction with platysmaplasty – Liposuction of the neck, correction of the platysmal bands (turkey gobblers), re-draping of the skin for patients with excess fat, platysmal bands, but good skin tone and elasticity. Small incision under the chin.
  • Neck-lift – liposuction, platysmaplasty and removal of excess skin from behind the ears. Recovery is short and patients can return to ordinary activities in 4-6 days.
  • Sub-mental skin excision with platysmaplasty – Removal of fat, tightening of platysmal bands and removal of excess skin by vertical scar under the chin. 24-36 hour downtime. Limited procedure, great for men and anyone not wanting a full neck-lift.

Non-Surgical Alternatives:

Laser treatments and radiofrequency treatments for tightening the skin can be effective on the minimal signs of ageing, however these treatments are a waste of money on the ‘turkey neck’ – only surgery can affectively correct lax skin muscles in the neck.


Focused ultrasound energy is delivered non-invasively to heat deep tissue without affecting the surface of the skin.  The manufactures and operators ague, that a natural, regenerative response is initiated to stimulate the growth of new collagen, which lifts and tightens the skin over time. Results build gradually over 2-3 months and can continue to improve up to 6 months.

The eTwo Complete Facial & Neck Rejuvenation.

The eTwoTM treatment combines Sublative Rejuvenation (eMatrix Resurfacing) and Sublime Skin Contouring (formerly known as ReFirme) treatments.

How does eTwoTM work?

Sublime treatment

The Sublime treatment uses the combination of light energy and radiofrequency energy to deeply heat layers of the skin while protecting the surface of the skin simultaneously. Medium to deep heating of the skin activates fibroblasts (deep skin cells) signaling new collagen to form and existing collagen to tighten, which will occur over a 4-6 month period.

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By Kate Moreland


By Kate Moreland