What Makes A Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Excellent?

What makes a plastic surgeon excellent?

The Best Plastic Surgeons

The most crucial decision to be made in achieving the best plastic surgical result is picking the most experienced and skilled; that is, the best plastic surgeon possible for you.

Frequently however, patients will choose a surgeon based on the brand name of the technique, a few before and after photos, their friends’ recommendations, from a Google search, or even the number of Facebook Likes a clinic has. This criteria, will not necessarily find the most experienced and talented plastic surgeon. It’s an irony that the best plastic surgeons tend to be the worst at marketing, so it’s likely you’ve never heard of them before.

We believe that the longer a surgeon trains at their craft, the finer their skills and the better their judgment becomes–but first they need talent, something that cannot be learned. Also, the surgeon needs a ‘comprehensive knowledge of proportion and aesthetic harmony’ to achieve the best combination of cosmetic enhancement.

A great plastic surgeon requires a refined blend of artistry and scientific technique

Most importantly, every successful surgical procedure will depend on the patient and plastic surgeon making the right decisions. A good plastic surgeon, for example, will not rush you in to a decision, but rather make you part of the decision-making process.

The basics of what you should look out for:

  • The Plastic Surgeon should be qualified at performing the procedure you need, which a proven track record of great results, as well as understanding the particular circumstances of your case.
  • The Plastic Surgeon should provide you with information about the procedure, and the realistic outcome of your results.

Thus, patient satisfaction is enhanced when surgeon and patient openly discuss goals, agree on realistic expectations, and plan the course of the surgical treatment together.

So Who’s Sydney’s Best Plastic Surgeon for You?

There’s no one correct answer to this, because it depends on the procedure, and it depends on your body.

Certain plastic surgeons are more gifted with certain procedures. And from these doctors some are more gifted with working with certain body types over other body types.

Other conditions to consider:

  • Although complications are not common in cosmetic surgery, if one did occur are you confident that this surgeon would take charge and handle just about any problem?
  • Does the surgeon’s office run smoothly? Are the staff organised and professional?
  • Do the staff take good care of you?

Finding The Best Plastic Surgeon

This is the “secret” part of what we do:  Matching your body type and procedure to the right plastic surgeon for you.

Yes, we’ve already done the research for you.

Clarify Clinic is guided by the ASPS and looks for surgeons who:

  • Have been trained in the procedure(s) under consideration
  • Have performed the operation many times
  • Have the best success rates
  • Have displayed evidenced talent in this procedure
  • Have the highest client satisfaction rates
  • Will extensively discuss the treatment goals in detail
  • Will present all options if choices are available
  • Will explain the procedure(s) thoroughly
  • Outline the risks as well as the benefits
  • Describe a realistic outcome, not unbelievable results
  • Are frank about the duration of the effects
  • Discuss full costs

If you’d like to discuss choices regarding the best and safest plastic surgery options in Sydney, simply click HERE to email me and I’ll get back in contact with you.

By Kate Moreland


By Kate Moreland