Mummy Makeover

During pregnancy, the abdomen expands, the breasts enlarge and women gain weight. Despite weight loss, exercise and diet, women can still be troubled by loose skin on the abdomen and sagging and/or deflated breasts.

Mummy Makeovers help women regain their pre-pregnancy shape and confidence. However, it is important to understand that it is not one specific procedure – it is a combination of plastic surgery procedures done at the same time to correct the problems mentioned above. Which exact procedures are performed is based on the specific needs for each individual patient. Most studies show that the top three procedures that mothers request are breast enhancement, abdominoplasty and liposculpture.

Who is a candidate?

Women who want their pre-pregnancy shape back. Hence, the goal of this surgery is to correct the many changes that can affect a woman’s body after childbirth.

Intended Results

  • With regard to breast enhancement, some patients simply need breast augmentation to refill a breast that appears “deflated,” while others may need an implant in combination with a breast lift (mastopexy) of some kind. Other women actually need a breast reduction with a lift
  • In the abdominal area, most patients need body contouring procedures such as a full abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) with tightening of the muscle layer as well as removal of the excess skin and fat
  • Many patients need liposuction of the hips, flanks (love-handle areas), or thighs in order to smooth out their contours and lengthen the appearance of the torso area


Because a mummy makeover is a set of procedures rather than one alone, the surgery can take between 4-8 hours to complete. Sometimes the surgeon may find it necessary to space a series of operations weeks or months apart, rather than complete the entire range of procedures on the same day. How many procedures are performed at once and in what order will depend on your surgeon.

  • In most cases, the surgeon will start with breast surgery—reduction, enhancement or breast lift
  • Followed by a a tummy tuck
  • Then liposuction
  • Depending on the extent of the surgery, the patient may be required to stay 2-3 nights at the hospital

Recuperation and Healing

  • Any pain and discomfort after surgery, will be controlled by medication
  • Patients will be given a special elasticised garment to be worn during the recovery period
  • Instructions will be given about caring for surgical incisions and what should and should not be done during the recovery period
  • You should receive a post-operative appointment 5-7 days after discharge from the hospital
  • During this appointment, sutures will be removed if they are non-dissolvable. Wounds will be checked and cleaned, and further instructions will be given for their care
  • Your surgeon will most likely see you again 4-6 weeks after the operation to assess scars and any swelling
  • It will be 6-12 months before you experience the final outcome of your mummy makeover

Approximate Costs

$12,000 – $20,000


Although the “Mummy Makeover” is a significant surgery, the advantage of this procedure is a dramatic improvement of the post-pregnancy body (which usually cannot be corrected with exercise and diet alone) with only one trip to the operating room and a single recovery period.

The specific risks and suitability of this procedure for a given individual can only be fully determined at the time of consultation with your cosmetic surgeon. All surgical procedures have some degree of risk. Minor complications which do not affect the overall cosmetic results occur occasionally. Major complications are rare.