New Breast Enlargement Procedure Coming To Oz

New breast enlargement procedure

The Temporary Breast Enlargement Magic Trick

A new, temporary breast enlargement procedure is making its way to Australia by injecting saline into the breasts.

No, not for a Victoria’ Secret model photoshoot (bet you didn’t know they did that, did you!) but for you, for that special party, social affair or wedding day.

A plastic surgeon in Manhattan (Dr. Rowe) offers the procedure for around $3000 for a quick fix–temporary breast enlargement.

Instead of surgery, he injects a saline solution into the breasts which briefly expands them. [1] And before you know it, Ka-Pow! Instant boobs!

Now before you get too excited and go calling your Fairy God Mother, lets take a moment and make a few things clear.

Temporary Breast Enlargement Facts

Will it hurt my breasts? Probably not, unless the saline is injected by an inexperienced medico. And lets face it, in an unregulated cosmetic market, we have plenty of unskilled operators who inject and pump without being overly concerned.

Even without serious damage, some bruising and possibly some stretching of the skin may cause pain and put a damper on that special night.

Will it look realistic? It’s hard to say just yet, but I can’t see how ‘rapidly absorbing saline’ will look and feel the same as your own breasts or even breast implants do.

Most importantly, how long will it last? Probably only for a couple of hours or an evening. As soon as the saline is injected into your breasts, it will begin to be absorbed and should be pretty much gone within 24 hours.

So, for the blushing bride, may I suggest that you skip the all-day preparations and have a short service and an early departure from the celebrations in order to have the blissful wedding night as planned.

We haven’t caught up with the idea here in Australia, however I am sure it won’t be long before some cosmetic practitioner offers this service in the well-to-do suburbs for women who have more money than sense.

But of all the gimmicks that have come our way, I find this a silly expense more than anything else. But if you want to indulge yourself with such a procedure, please make sure it’s a plastic surgeon’s skilled hand that is holding that large syringe before it is inserted into you.

Anyway, just get home before midnight before your boobalicious carriages turn back to pumpkins–or shall I say apples?

[1] (Abby Ellen: What a Difference a Day Makes, The New York Times, August 2014)

By Kate Moreland


By Kate Moreland