Who Pays For Breast Revision?

Who pays for breast revision?

Does The Cosmetic Surgeon Pay For Their Mistake?

I have had so many emails requesting advice about breast revision work and the further costs involved, that I thought it was best to address the below concern in the blog so everyone would have access to it–albeit a more generic, generalised version.

Unfortunately, a significant part of our work entails revision surgery–fixing other people’s mistakes.

Breast Revision: The Concerned Client

“I had a breast enlargement around 7 months ago. I went from an A to C cup with saline implants placed under the muscle. The implants have bottom out, separated (3 fingers apart) and now it seems that one is now larger than the other.
I discussed this with my surgeon who says it’s because of my muscles, but I can achieve the results I want with a second surgery. She will not charge me but I have to pay for the theatre/hospital, anaesthesia and for the implants… Is this reasonable?”

Breast Revision: The Kate Moreland Viewpoint

As you are seven months post-operative, it’s unlikely that you will see any further improvements–and so it seems further surgery will be necessary (Please note, this, along with any other specifics, is impossible to discern over email alone).

Surgery is not 100% full proof–for example, poor skin tone, preexisting sagging, too large of a size, a sloping chest wall, and a patient’s non compliance with bra support can result in bottoming out (lateral displacement) or sagging.

Breast implants are not lifetime devices. In fact, the warranties on most breast implants are for a term of only 10 years. Due to the nature of implants, some secondary surgery is virtually given at some point in the patient’s lifetime.

Also, if you have little breast tissue, sub-glandular placement and saline implants, your plastic surgeon might recommend changing to silicone implants placed partially below the muscle to improve this.

Breast Revision Policies

It is important to know what a plastic surgeon’s revision policy prior to having surgery just in case any further surgery is required.

Further fixed costs may include, anaesthesia, anaesthetist, implants and facilities, and theatre fees. As the surgeon cannot control certain complications, it is not reasonable to expect him or her to cover these costs.

Although it can often be predicted ahead of time, based on anatomic factors–but in your case it seems that your surgeon has offered a reasonable option and willingness to improve your outcome. The question thus goes back to the very first question you should’ve had prior to having surgery: Do I trust this surgeon?

Breast Revision Notes

Most excellent plastic surgeons will forgo their cost as long as you cover the rest of the cost.

Although Government statistics report a 20% revision rate for Breast Augmentation, studies show that when proper patient selection and proper surgical technique is used that rate decreases to 6%.

What If The Cosmetic Surgeon Is To Blame?

Well that’s a completely different matter. If you feel this may apply to you, feel free to contact me below.

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By Kate Moreland


By Kate Moreland