Plastic Surgery Breast Cleavage

Plastic Surgery Breast Cleavage

Getting Bodacious Cleavage–It’s NOT About Cup Size!

Breast Cleavage is a term used in defining the gap or distance between our breasts.

BEFORE having a Breast Augmentation, it is important to fully understand that increasing the size of your breasts is not what gives you cleavage, and that your Plastic Cosmetic Surgeon has less control over your cleavage than ideal.

However, breast implants certainly can ‘improve’ cleavage in women who have very little breast tissue, if and only if they are placed correctly.

Cleavage will be governed by the shape and width of your chest and how close your breasts are to begin with before surgery. The depth and width achieved after breast implants is not equal for every patient, and is greatly dependent on many factors most of which are predictable before breast augmentation.

This is why, it is important to discuss all matters with a highly skilled appropriate plastic surgeon who truthfully answers all your concerns.

What Affects Breast Cleavage?

Firstly, if your breasts are set wide on your chest, you will have more fullness after your augmentation, but not more cleavage. Conversely, if your body is narrow below your shoulders and your breasts are close together, you’ll have great cleavage even with a small implant.

Cleavage is dependent on your existing chest wall shape and breastbone prominence, together with the amount of body fat that you carry, and fatty tissue that overlies the sternum.

Cleavage is mostly determined by how your pectoralis muscles are inserted onto your sternum.

Secondly, other factors that will contribute to the overall aesthetic outcome is the actual starting ‘separation’ of the breasts, and the position of the nipples, as well as the positioning of the breasts—regarding their degree of deviation from a line drawn straight forward from the breast bone. These anatomical factors vary widely from patient to patient.

So it is important to fully understand that you might not be able to achieve the same result as your girlfriend, even though you have had the same size and shape implants, and have been operated on by the same plastic surgeon. 

Aiming for narrow cleavage is impossible for women who have breasts that are naturally extensively separated.

How To Get Great Breast Cleavage

Highly skilled plastic surgeons can perform subtle adjustments and will use the appropriate high profile implants that can assist in placing the implants closer together, to give you the best possible outcome.

Plastic Surgery Breast Augmentation Cleavage Outcome:

  • Most breast implants should be placed under the pectoralis muscle and under the areola. It is very unwise to disconnect the pectoralis muscle from the sternum. Doing so can create a step-off deformity or uni-boob that can be very difficult to correct–that is one single boob across the chest.
  • Since professional plastic surgeons aim for positive and natural results, they are careful to centre the breast implants under the areola and aim to equalise the distance of the implants, while placing them into the breasts.

Thus when aiming to narrow cleavage width to ensure the best results, Clarify Clinic only chooses certified board plastic cosmetic surgeons who have expertise, talent and specific knowledge in this field.

Nicole Kidman Breast Augmentation Cleavage

I really do hate to single out our lovely Nicole Kidman as an example–I could’ve easily chosen any of a number of celebrities, Victoria Beckham et al–but not only do I feel so disappointed for our Nic, using a negative example is the best way to illustrate my point.

We all know what a positive example looks like–you can’t tell whether they are real or not.

Nic has the wrong size breast implants and the wrong shape breast implants, and placed on her slim frame that has little fat over her sternum has caused the ’round pancake look.’

I believe she really could’ve come out with a far better outcome if the surgical decisions were decided differently.

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By Kate Moreland


By Kate Moreland