The Right Plastic Surgeon For Your Breast Augmentation Enlargement

The Right Plastic Surgeon for Breast Augmentation Enlargement

How to get the best breast augmentation enlargement

Before any surgeon’s hands touch your breasts, ask yourself:

Are they the right Plastic Surgeon for you?

Historically aesthetic enhancement has a long tradition, going back to early body paintings, tattoos, and primitive jewellery.

Anthropologists have longed argued that humans in all cultures engage in a broad variety of aesthetically oriented activities that appear to have no obvious evolutionary utility. Nonetheless, “instinct, social conditioning, a concept of transcendent or spiritual beauty and personal taste, influences our concept of beauty.” [1]

So, it seems we’ve always had a significant drive towards wanting to look our very best, and being attracted to beauty.

We’re really no different than peacocks when you think about it.

Beauty and Balance

The decision to have breast augmentation enlargement is an entirely individual and personal one, and mostly depends on the aesthetics you are trying to achieve.

“Beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of introduction.”  – Arthur Schopenhauer

The reasons for breast enlargement are numerous, from enhancing the body’s appearance, to increasing their visual sexual appeal, to perfecting the aesthetic balance of both breasts.

Medical science has been exceptionally good to women who have been longing to improve their breast size.

However, deciding to have plastic surgery to enhance your appearance might end up being one of most serious decisions that you will ever make.  And choosing the right surgeon to increase your breast size will be equally as important.

Excellent Plastic Surgeons strive to improve their patients’ physical appearance, whilst knowing that their self-image will improve after surgery as well.

However, you should be aware that there is a great gulf between “qualified” and “talented”.

I always argue, “Excellent Plastic Surgery requires a keen, artistic eye and an accomplished sculptural sense.”

Which Breast Augmentation approach is best for you?

Just like the myriad of reasons for breast implants, medical science has come up with various breast enhancement techniques giving women an easy route to possessing a larger, firmer and fuller bust size.

But we’re not talking about working to a production line here:

Now’s not the time for you to fit the mould. You want your features to be treated as unique, and then moulded to bring out the best in you.

Even the most experienced surgeon is not necessarily the right surgeon for every patient. Successful breast enhancement will depend on the patient and surgeon making the right decisions.

There is no single technique of breast augmentation enlargement which is best for all patients or for all surgeons. Only a “lazy” surgeon will work a “production line” this way. Each method of breast augmentation has advantages and disadvantages which must be considered.

Excellent aesthetic outcomes can be achieved when it is performed well in a properly selected patient, a properly selected technique for that patient, and with a properly fitted implant. That is, the implant is ideally matched to suit the patient’s body, and skilled and talented hands will produce excellent results.

I will only work with the best plastic surgeons, who are not only skilled in surgical technique, but who also understand the artistry involved in a successful procedure.

Curious about which plastic surgeons are the most talented at breast augmentation in Sydney?  Give me a call.

[1] Christopher J Edwards & plastic surgery (accessed April, 2013). He Argues, ‘An artistic sensitivity for contours and proportion, along with technical skill and experience, are paramount to the creation of optimal results in plastic and cosmetic surgery’.


By Kate Moreland

By Kate Moreland